Riding Mower Battery Charger Kit

Dead batteries are no fun. That’s why MowerBoss is now offering a Battery Boost Kit to keep the battery on your tractor or ZTR happy and healthy for years to come. The kit includes a battery charger/tender, as well as an extension cord.

The battery charger is from Battery Tender, with one of the best reputations in the industry. There are cheaper battery chargers on the market, but few approach the quality of this one, especially at the price. We have hand selected this battery charger because it has exactly the features needed to support demanding outdoor power equipment, with none of the unnecessary stuff.

– Waterproof
Regardless of where you store your outdoor power equipment, this charger can perform. Rain and moisture will not affect it’s operation. Even complete submersion is okay. Perfect for the outdoors. Ideal not just for lawn mowers and ZTR’s, but great for snowblowers, atv’s, boats, motorcycles, jetskis, etc.
– 800 mA
The charger’s 800 mA capacity is designed to handle batteries used in outdoor power equipment. That includes standard FLA (flooded lead acid), as well as AGM, or GEL batteries.
– “Smart” charger
This charger is programmed to avoid over-charging your battery. Do not make the mistake of buying a charger that doesn’t have this feature, as it will fry your battery and defeat the entire purpose of leaving the charger hooked up.
– 3-step Capacity
Charger can handle initialization, bulk charging, and floating the battery. All of this is 100% automatic. Hook it up and forget it!
– Compact size
Designed for use in small spaces, this charger isn’t like the old-school, giant boxes we used to deal with. In most cases, this will fit under the hood, beneath the seat, etc.
– Reverse-polarity protected
We’ve all crossed our eyes and hooked up a battery cable wrong before. The engineers designed this charger to protect against accidentally reversing the postive/negative charger cables.
– State of Charge LED
Colored LED on the top of the charger gives you a green for go, or a yellow for wait a bit this thing is still charging.
– Built tough
Basically impervious to shock and vibration. Did we mention it’s completely waterproof?
– Black
Because seriously, would you buy a pink battery charger??
– Cord length
The power cord is 6’3″ long, and the battery leads are also 6’3″ long.

We bundle this state-of-the-art battery charger with a very high quality extension cord. Although the leads and cord on the charger are a generous length, we’ve found that many owner’s store their equipment in a spot that’s not necessarily right next to an outlet. This is a 40′, 13-amp, 125 volt power cord rated for outdoor use. You can find cheaper cords on the market, but this brawny beast makes no excuses and performs year after year with no worries.


MowerBoss Battery Boost Kit
p/n MB-114-00
Price $59.99
Shipping $10
(Domestic Only)

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