How to Attach a Mower Sprayer

For those of you looking to attach a mower sprayer of ours, this is the guide for you.  This page will spell out the instructions you need to open, organize, implement, and use your new purchase.

The first step is to open your boom sprayer and make sure you have the parts needed.  If you notice that something isn’t there that is supposed to, be sure to send us an email through our contact page.  Next, you will need to find your instruction manual included with the kit.  This will help you step by step to make sure your installation runs smoothly and without a hitch.  I know that some of you will want to be the handy man you are and go about it without the instructions.  Please, for your own sanity and health, be sure to use the manual included.  Not only is it essential for putting the lawn mower sprayer together correctly, but it is required for safety reasons.  We don’t want you doing something harmful!

So, after you have checked everything and read all of the precautions, you are ready to begin.  To put this thing together there is a list of tools you will need.  This is also included with the packet in the package.

One good tip to make sure this is installed correctly is to download and print off our drilling guide.  This will help you line up the holes on your mower and guide you to create and align the perfect setup for your sprayer.

From here it’s simply about following the instructions and before you know it you will have your own personal riding mower sprayer.