What is a Mower Boss Boom Sprayer?

One huge hassle of doing yard work by hand is that you have to walk everywhere.  I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve seen someone walking around their lawn holding a can of Roundup.  They probably took 2 hours, got covered in grass and will have sore feet for days.

Enter the lawn tractor sprayer boom we offer.  You will be able to spray your lawn with your mower and finish a job that once took hours in only a few minutes.  By having this huge leverage of using your mower, you will have much more time and the freedom to do whatever you wish with that new found time.

Another thing some people do is get one of those hose-attachable containers of weed and feed.  Using these makes for some of the most frustrating experiences you’ve ever seen!  The screw contraption doesn’t work well, the hose gets tangled, and your hand gets wet from the hose.  You need to leave all of this alone.  By using the Mower Boss you will leave all of these troubles in the past and have a fun, easy, and quick way to finish your lawn tasks.